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Laboratories are by nature hazardous environments with plenty of potential for flammable accidents, therefore ensuring sufficient fire extinguisher cover is important for establishing necessary preventative measures – Breeze Fire Protection serving London and Essex

Laboratories are controlled spaces which have a diverse range of specialist scientific equipment, multiple users who share utensils and instruments, whilst handling manifold flammable liquids which can produce flames or extreme heat without the need for external ignition.

Where management of such an environment is concerned, fire protection precautions are at the very forefront of the mind. Signage, procedures and fire extinguishers are staple requirements and literally ‘a part of the furniture’ in such a place. All personnel within labs have to be briefed on fire protection protocol and directed to where the incumbent extinguisher units are installed and should even trained in how to use them in time of emergency.

Clearly, local London or Essex servicing of fire extinguishers would be an annual consideration to keep tight reigns on the maintenance of such equipment. Even replacements to commission new extinguishers can be arranged from a local firm like Breeze Fire Protection, who regularly have fire engineers on the road, who are available at short notice should you have an urgent call out.

For matters of a general fire, a water mist extinguisher may be used, whereas for electrical fires from appliances, a CO2 extinguisher is typically used. Metal based fires may require a more unusual choice of a metal fire extinguisher – but always the advice of an expert who has made a site visit is recommended for best cover.

With offices in Hornchurch and very close to Romford, Chelmsford, Breeze Fire Protection are an excellent choice for local fire extinguisher contractor to install, commission, service your extinguishers. Free advice is always available on the phone, or during a site visit should you want our engineer to give you bespoke insights based on his expertise in-situ. Essex or London extinguisher prices are available in written quotation, usually given within 24hrs of communication.

For FREE onsite fire extinguisher advice (no obligation), or a quote for British Safety Standard fire extinguishers, please call your local engineer on:

07806 675171

or, call our office line:

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