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Fire extinguishers are highly pressured safety devices which at the time of need are expected to provide often life saving intervention. Fire extinguisher checks are therefore critical for ensuring health and safety standards are upheld in London business premises.

The standard checklist for fire extinguishers in London should include the following:

  • Check weight and correct pressure
  • Can be found in its designated place
  • Mounted in an unobstructed position
  • Clearly visible
  • Intact instructions which are outward facing outwards, written in English, clean from all damage or dirt and in a print size and type which is easily legible
  • Thoroughly checked for damage
  • Gauge or indicator showing it’s in good operation
  • Seals and tamper indicators, neither missing nor broken

Technical competence is a pre-requisite for any personnel conducting these checks. Although seemingly simple enough, fire extinguisher checks require an experienced head, ensuring that should emergency occur, the equipment will be readily available for intervention.

Our fire extinguisher checks can be booked with your local Breeze Fire Protection engineer at quite short notice (24hrs typically – even same day dependent upon our schedule and proximity to your premises).

Contact us today for FREE advice and no obligation quotation for your annual fire extinguisher check.


Whether you are looking for advice on what types for extinguishers you will require to fit out your business premises,
or needing to understand your obligations with UK Fire Law for fire extinguisher installations,
or simply you know what you need and would like us to quote;
call our local engineer for FREE advice (by phone or on-site – with no obligation) on: 07806 675171 / 01708 442659



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