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Fire extinguisher installations in London

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Fire Extinguisher Installation London

London Fire Extinguisher Installation

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British Standard for health and safety code – BS 5306-8:2000 – calls for the installation of fire extinguishers in London to be accessible and visible to personnel at all times following an escape route.

As fire extinguisher installers for London, we are meticulous in our adherence to best practice such as ensuring the extinguishers are not placed within close proximity to identifiable fire risks where the operator of the extinguisher may be hindered or worse, injured in the process.

Fire extinguishers by regulation must be either installed on wall brackets or placed on stands.

Where the manufacturer supplies a wall bracket, it’s advisable to use the official apparatus.

2 important points of reference for wall based fire extinguisher installation in London:

–          Carrying handle should be approximately 1m from the floor (total gross mass 4kg and above)

–          Carrying handle should be approximately 1.5m from the floor (total gross mass 4kg and under)

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