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Fire extinguisher prices in London

Great value London fire extinguisher prices for your business.

Fire Extinguisher Prices London

London Fire Extinguisher Prices

Breeze Fire Protection – Experts in fire extinguishers London

The pricing on fire extinguishers is dependent upon the type of extinguisher you want. Extinguishers propellant usually is either: water, CO2, foam or powder.

The price for extinguishers being fitted into your London premises comprise of 2 costs: labour and parts. The resulting price is charged by us as a flat fee per extinguisher. However, we never quote for a job with firm pricing without having seen the environment for ourselves.

Our primary mode professionally is as fire extinguisher consultants thus the fire integrity of the environment is our main goal. We evaluate the most effective solution for shoring up your building against the threat of fire using expert understanding of fire extinguisher functionality and accessibility.

We value the continuity of your business in the case of emergencies; therefore the type of extinguisher propellant recommended by us is always the best fit for your premises.

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Whether you are looking for advice on what types for extinguishers you will require to fit out your business premises,
or needing to understand your obligations with UK Fire Law for fire extinguisher installations,
or simply you know what you need and would like us to quote;
call our local engineer for FREE advice (by phone or on-site – with no obligation) on: 07806 675171 / 01708 442659



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