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Breeze Fire Protection – Experts in fire extinguishers London

We are a fire extinguisher shop on wheels for London business owners. Our equipment store is a veritable emporium of top range fire extinguishers for all types of fires. We frequent our clientele throughout the territory including shop owners and commercial property landlords regularly.

A free site visit is the starting point for our fire extinguisher shop sales. In order to give you the best fire extinguisher plan for your premises, therefore selling you the most appropriate solution, we must see your requirements first hand.

Our extinguishers are high quality products suitable for almost every environment and are commissioned by our trained engineers to meet British Safety standards. Once you buy from us we schedule in visits for up-keep to ensure their remain in good working order.

The extinguishers at our disposal are manufactured by market leading companies and made to the strictest of guidelines. Whilst we are not exclusive agents to any particular brand of fire extinguisher, we have established relationships with selected makers who grant us preferred pricing, the benefits of which we pass on to our customers.

Our mobile fire extinguisher shop for London accepts cheque, BACS and cash payments. Why not arrange for your local engineer to drop in next time he’s in the area?

Whether you are looking for advice on what types for extinguishers you will require to fit out your business premises,
or needing to understand your obligations with UK Fire Law for fire extinguisher installations,
or simply you know what you need and would like us to quote;
call our local engineer for FREE advice (by phone or on-site – with no obligation) on: 07806 675171 / 01708 442659



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