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Fire Extinguisher Training London

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Breeze Fire Protection – Experts in fire extinguishers London

With over 15 years experience in this trade our training engineers have just the right balance of experience and expertise, coupled with an approachable manner to make for a thoroughly engaging fire extinguisher training session in London.

Breeze Fire Protection is able to competently deliver in-house or external fire extinguisher training courses for your staff accommodating a more intimate and bespoke presentation versus an integrated off the shelf agenda.

Our engineers are practical people with a high proficiency in communication, verbal or written, therefore are very able to keep your class both occupied and learning.

Our classes are charged on a per person basis with all training fees taken in advance beforehand. We have the breadth and depth on the subject matter to answer all of those user based questions with professionalism, sharing our understanding of all related UK fire extinguisher law for compliance.

We demonstrate how the equipment is be installed, stored, used and serviced thus is ideal for beginners or those with more familiarity with the devices.

Small medium and large London businesses alike, with business premises and obligations to uphold fire extinguisher legislation could all benefit from such training – a real asset, not one to lose out on.

Whether you are looking for advice on what types for extinguishers you will require to fit out your business premises,
or needing to understand your obligations with UK Fire Law for fire extinguisher installations,
or simply you know what you need and would like us to quote;
call our local engineer for FREE advice (by phone or on-site – with no obligation) on: 07806 675171 / 01708 442659




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