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Fire Extinguishers for Minibuses, Coaches & Commercial Vehicles

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Minibuses, coaches and commercial vehicles are also required by law to carry fire extinguishers in the driver area of the vehicle, plus further precautions depending on sizeĀ  – Breeze Fire Protection serving London and Essex

Minibuses and commercial vehicles are in the category covered by UK legislation for fire extinguisher provision. Just because they are mobile environments doesn’t negate the need for fire extinguisher installation in strategic positions to nullify the significant threat of fire risk.

In Essex fire extinguishers for minibuses are a common request as for the proliferation of medium to large scale businesses therein. Driver cabins are the most appropriate position for such extinguishers. These can be obtained by most reputable fire extinguisher shops in London, Essex and the South East. The exception of vehicles carrying explosive substances this measure is deemed in the UK professionally acceptable. Larger trucks also may require more units than this depending on purpose and scale – it is always best to consult with a reputable fire extinguisher consultant like your local Breeze Fire Protection engineer.

Driving personnel should to be trained in using the apparatus thus preparing to be maximally effective and efficient in the event of emergency. Clearly the best installation location in the cabin should be out of the way of potential tampering or exposure to physical blows by shoes, luggage etc. The apparatus should also be maintained yearly in the commercial garage by a London or Essex fire extinguisher maintenance company.

For budgeting purposes to equip your fleet of commercial vehicles in London or Essex, we can provide your company with an accurate estimate to commission, install and service ongoing as many fire extinguishers as you need.

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