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Fire Extinguishers for Generators

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If you are an aficionado of the sitcom the Good Life, perhaps you are yearning for living off-grid and enjoying the self-sustainable lifestyle. Or, perhaps you are living in a rural property or a conversion. If you fit into any of these categories you will probably we well familiar with the need for a generator, petrol or otherwise to assist you in meeting your energy needs. It can be a liberating thing to have your energy supply under your roof but fuel storage on-site means that you need to be stringent with your fire protection throughout your property as generators and their fuel are a particular fire-hazard.  LPG, diesel and petrol are of course highly flammable and so we would strongly advise you having your fire extinguishers for generators on site.


If you are new to the marketplace, we would not advise simply buying the nearest fire extinguisher online for your generator. The sensitive combination of fuel and electricity means that you have to be very careful about your choice of extinguishers. Buy the first thing you see and you are left with the responsibility of whether or not you made the right choice. Why not invest in some sound advice, excellent customer service and safe and high quality products from Breeze Fire Protection. We have years of experience in  the fire-extinguisher trade and would be pleased to provide complementary advice on your fire extinguishers and supply them to you at a competitive price. What’s more, we also offer a robust maintenance program to ensure that your fire-extinguishers are always in-date and working.

For FREE onsite fire extinguisher advice (no obligation), or a quote for British Safety Standard fire extinguishers, please call your local engineer on:

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