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Maintain and service fire extinguishers in Essex

Fire extinguishers for Server Rooms

Essex and London


Breeze Fire Protection will install and maintain fire extinguishers for server rooms across London and Essex

Fire suppression for server rooms is critical for the integrity of your service or business. Keeping your hardware safe and minimising risk in the event of fire requires a considered and well maintained, multilayer fire suppression system which should include fire extinguishers.

Here at Breeze Fire Protection we have a considered approach to UK server room fire protection with signage, equipment and fire extinguishers meeting UK Health and Safety Standards. For fire extinguishers, we have market-leading units featuring:

  • Non-conductive
  • Evaporates harmlessly (and is broken down by UV light as it evaporates)
  • Doesn’t damage paper

For FREE onsite advice (no obligation), or a quote for British Safety Standard fire extinguishers, please call your local engineer on:

07806 675171

or, call our office line:

01708 442659

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