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fire extinguishers for hair salons

Fire extinguishers for hair salons

Essex and London


Fire protection for your hair salon should be an essential part of your operational planning, including the purchase of appropriate fire extinguishers  – Breeze Fire Protection serving London and Essex

Hair salons are public places with much foot fall and at peak times can get very packed with capacity brimming – with a combination of pressurized gas canisters and a mixture of personnel on site at any given time, there is a need for fire protection consciousness. Fire regulatory law as implemented by local authorities, stipulates a fully functioning fire extinguisher or extinguishers in such A1 shop premises.

All fire extinguishers installed must have clear and legible instructions and signage placed in a visible proximity to the equipment. In addition, an onsite named individual who is responsible for operating the equipment must be nominated by law.

Maintenance and upkeep is important for keeping the extinguisher in good working order. It is incumbent upon all business owners, and required within the clauses of validation of business insurance policies that fire extinguishers on-site are to be serviced annually by an expert engineer. Breeze Fire Protection have a local fire engineer in London and Essex, traversing the business terrain almost daily in places like Brentwood, Chelmsford and Ilford where they service and install machines with great frequency.

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