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Fire extinguishers being the finely tuned and expertly engineered pieces of kit they are require periodic maintenance checks to ensure operational functionality.

Fitting an extinguisher in a public place in London such as a business premises leaves the party responsible for upkeep of the building obligated to ensure a nominated person maintains the extinguisher. It is imperative the extinguisher is in good working order for obvious reasons thus there are legal stipulations enforced by local authorities for landlords and property owners instructing them in good maintenance servicing.

The property owner cannot allow the extinguisher to go into disrepair as extinguishers in a bad condition pose very real safety risks from explosion risk to malfunction in the critical time of need.

British Standard 5306-3:2000 instructs owners and managers of premises to either handle their own extinguisher maintenance internally, or hire the help of an external contractor, such as Breeze Fire Protection. The maintenance is conducted annually and by trained personnel.

Typically your engineer’s customer experience ranges between 3 extinguishers per site to customers with 40+ extinguishers per site.

If you would like to arrange a site visit for maintaining a fire extinguisher in accordance with BS 5306-6 – feel free to contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote.

Whether you are looking for advice on what types for extinguishers you will require to fit out your business premises,
or needing to understand your obligations with UK Fire Law for fire extinguisher installations,
or simply you know what you need and would like us to quote;
call our local engineer for FREE advice (by phone or on-site – with no obligation) on: 07806 675171 / 01708 442659



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