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Chelmsford is a large county town and and a real gateway to the East of England. With its great transport links, large properties and historic locations Chelmsford is a great location to buy a car, with a large number of notable dealerships throughout the town.

If you run a Chelmsford dealership you must be a very busy person with a dizzying combination of events, sales and customer service and perhaps the running of an additional mechanics garage. You have a variety of perople moving through your premises on a daily basis: foot-fall, customers, motorists, administrative staff, mechanics, sales persons. And of course the fire hazards well known to the motor industry, in particular, oil, petrol, electricity and some metals. How do you keep everyone safe?

A robust strategy for your fire safety is critical for your Chelmsford car forecourt. Your dealership needs a thorough and comprehensive risk assement and delployment of the best fire extinguishers for your Chelmsford dealership which deal with the full range of potential fire hazards. Also signage, blankets and staff training on deployment of equipment is vital. You may be aware of the need for different fire extinuishers for different types of fire hazards on your premises. Excercising discretion in the use of water based or Type A fire extinguishers and using specialist extingushers for liquid fuel fires, electricity and metals, strategically placed.

Appearance and design of you showroom may mean that some creative thinking is need for placement and installation of your fire extinguishers pointing to the need for a specialist assistance for your Chelmsford car showroom from a local fire safety consultant.

Breeze Fire Protection are your first choice for local expertise and experience in fire safety in your commercial premises. We offer complementary assessments and with a comphrehensive fire saftey strategy for your site which we can implement with excellence. We provide high quality fire extnguishers for your Chelmsford car dealerships as well as fire blankets, signage and other equipment. We will undertake all installation and certification of your extinguishers and train and educate staff so that you are deployment ready.

For FREE onsite fire extinguisher advice (no obligation), or a quote for British Safety Standard fire extinguishers, please call your local engineer on:

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