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Fire extinguishers for Rented Properties


If you are a local landlord or property owner in London or Essex, you may well be enjoying the benefits of the South East property boom. We are sure you are familiar with the responsibilities times and investment required to not only maintain but expand a property portfolio of well-kept and occupied properties. Local regional and national health and safety regulations are only becoming more stringent especially with regards households with multiple occupants.


Sound fire safety is critical for the safety and security of your rented property. Good signage, fireblankets and strategically installed fire extinguishers are prime steps towards a secure and safe dwelling for your tenants. If you have a portfolio of multiple properties keeping your fire safety and fire extinguishers up to date can become an unwieldy maintenance task.


Many property owners simply buy online, being unaware that fire extinguishers should be tested and certified as suitable for use on-site. This is where the expertise and services of fire safety professionals at Breeze Fire Protection are indispensable as personal service and technical know-how on you property is critical. Don’t leave you fire safety to chance, substandard or negligent fire safety costs.


Breeze Fire Protection, operating across London and Essex, offer a reliable and responsive service, supplying high quality fire extinguishers and fire blankets as well as offering a comprehensive servicing and maintenance programme making sure that your fire extinguishers are always in date and ready to use. Our experienced and personable engineer will be pleased to visit your property, or properties to assess your requirements for the very best in fire safety for your building.

For FREE onsite fire extinguisher advice (no obligation), or a quote for British Safety Standard fire extinguishers, please call your local engineer on:

07806 675171

or, call our office line:

01708 442659


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