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Dry Water Mist fire Extinguishers

Chelmsford, Essex


Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguishers represent a major advancement in fire extinguisher technology not seen for decades. Not only is the Dry Water Mist or Water Fog Fire Extinguisher novel technology,  but these extinguishers offer practicality and ease of use for consumers and fire safety personel.

Dry Water Mist technology, creates an ultra fine mist of  billions of minute water droplets from just one liter of water. These extinguishers create a fine yet dense mist which removes air from feeding the fire and overwhelms it for effective fire fighting. This effective mist curtain envelopes the fire source and also cools the area to prevent reignition.

This ground-breaking technology makes the dry water mist fire extinguisher effective in use across multiple types of fire – including electrical fires. The small de-ionised water droplets are simply so small that electricity cannot pass through them. This extinguisher can be discharged safely in a wide variety of areas and over a prolonged period. The type E-series fire extinguisher can be used on classes ABCE and F spaning the full spectrum of every-day fires and making these extinguishers a great investement for your business/premises.

Another benefit is that the dry water mist fire extinguishers use significantly lower volumes of water during discharge, with less collateral damage from water saturation in the affected area. The water mist is clean and contamination free making it suitable for use in sanitary /sterile environments such as food preparation areas.

This dry water mist fire extinguisher has certainly superceded powder, foam and wet chemical extinguishers to be a market leading all-rounder. It has been rigorously tested, and it is also eco friendly, being 100% recyclable.

If you are looking for a water mist fire extinguisher in London or Essex, Breeze Fire Protection is on hand to provide you with not only the highest quality stock, but also our advice and expertise in choosing your extinguishers and installing them and training you for their deployment. Our personable fire safety technician will also be pleased to ensure that your extinguishers remain working and in date. Call us today for a quote.

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